Trojan (2020)
computer mainboards, epoxy resin
60 x 50 x 30 cm

Sebastian Hertrich: Trojan

Photo: Anna Franke

Salome (2018)
carved acrylic glass, computer mainboards
176 x 55 x 50 cm

Sebastian Hertrich: Salome

Photo: Anna Franke

Torso (2018)
computer mainboards, epoxy resin
80 x 50 x 35 cm

Sebastian Hertrich: Torso 2

Municipal museum of Erlangen
Photos: Erich Malter

Sebastian Hertrich: Torso 1


Salome II (2018)
computer mainboards, epoxy resin
62 x 30 x 25 cm

Sebastian Hertrich: Salome 2

Der große Knall (2018)
marquetry out of computer mainboards
120 x 70 x 5 cm

Sebastian Hertrich: Der große Knall


Jörg Brinkmann (homo digitalis) (2015)
computer mainboards, wood construction, textiles, epoxy resin
180 x 58 x 36 cm

Sebastian Hertrich Figur

In his development man has received innumerable attributions to situate him again and again in his present existence. The life-size portrait of a young man made out of electric circuit boards is marking him as homo digitalis – a human machine in the age of digital evolution. Computer boards are completely covering his physical shape, so that the duality of corporeal analogue and digital immaterial appear as a unit through the body of man. He is the interface of these two spheres, which merge more and more with far-reaching consequences. The questions involved are hardly to answer because of their complexity, but that does not inhibit the general development of course, which shows us the artist impressively. Michael Merkel (art historian)

Sebastian Hertrich Figur2


Nike (2017)
computer mainboards, wood construction, plaster, textiles, epoxy resin
240 x 200 x 180 cm

Sebastian Hertrich: Nike (1)

The antique goddess of Nike, constructed out of computer mainboards, as a victorious symbol of technization and digitality in our current time.

Sebastian Hertrich: Nike (2)

exhibition at: “Altenburger Trialog” (2017) engl. “Trialog of Altenburg”
Nike in a dialog situation with “The Age of Bronze” from Auguste Rodin
Fotos: Sarah Weiselowski

Sebastian Hertrich: Nike (4)


Sebastian Richter (2015)
carved acrylic glass,
180 x 50 x 40 cm

Sebastian Hertrich: Richter (3)

sculpture park “Weißer Hirsch” Dresden
Photo: Barbara und Axel Bauer

Sebastian Hertrich: Richter (1)


Glanz & Elend I (2013) engl.: glamour and gloom
carved acrylic glass, computer mainboards
60 x 35 x 12 cm

Sebastian Hertrich: Kreuz (1)

The death of jesus on the cross is a pivotal subject of the occidental-christian pictorial tradition. We see a modern adaption of his stature out of synthetic material on a cross out of circuit boards.Materials which illustrate the characteristics of an increasingly digital and artificial world where connections seem impalpable.
In front of this background the symbol of the crucified jesus appears as a memorial – a reference to the immediate experience of pain and the body in an unsensual space. Michael Merkel (art historian)

Sebastian Hertrich: Kreuz (2)

Photos: Paul Winkler


Digitale Landschaften (2015) engl.: digital landscapes
pavillon out of wood und MDF, marquetry out of computer mainboards, neon tubes
350 x 350 x 350 cm

exhibition at: “Universitätsbibliothek Weimar” (2015)
Photos: Sebastian Wanke

Sebastian Hertrich: Digitale Landschaften (2)

Sebastian Hertrich: Digitale Landschaften (1)

Sebastian Hertrich: Digitale Landschaften (3)


Lem (2015)
marquetry out of computer mainboards, wood frame
50 x 40 x 5 cm

Sebastian Hertrich: Lem